Plugging Female Bedouin Talent into Israel’s Tech Ecosystem Active since 2022, Samana was established to provide university-educated women from Bedouin communities in northern Israel with the opportunity to join the tech workforce. The focal point of the project is a tech hub which has been specially constructed in the village of Zarzir, near Nazareth. In this […]

Blueprint for Palestine

Building on Beyond Aid , Portland is working intensively on supporting the Palestinian private sector in developing a renewed, step-change economic strategy for the future, with a series of feasible initiatives at its core. The first phase of the project is identifying tangible opportunities for economic development and a renewed approach to employment creation and […]

UK Palestinian Tech Hub

Formed by the British Consulate General in Jerusalem, the UK Palestinian Tech Hub is an initiative to create and enhance strong and sustainable business links and capital flows between the Palestinian tech sector and its UK/global equivalents, enabling Palestinian tech founders and entrepreneurs to draw on international industry experience and best practices. Through exposure to […]


Fursa aims to provide a scalable solution for quality employment of talented young Arab-Israelis, who have graduated…


Portland has a long history trying to craft a roadmap for a viable funded pensions system in Palestine. The potential to foster economic growth and prosperity, with important welfare implications and the potential to spur aggregate demand and employment is immense, as is the opportunity for regional development through long-term investable capital. The initiative is […]

Tora v’Daat

This project sees the placement of orthodox Jewish men into hi-tech. The “Haredi” community suffers exclusion from the workforce, due mainly to differences in culture, leading to educational gaps. This situation drives a growing chasm to their integration into Israeli Society. As a result, the community is ranked in the lower economic echelons in Israel. It […]

Masterplan for Employment for Arab Society

The Masterplan for Quality Employment is a joint programme with the Israeli Democracy Institute. It focuses on education, welfare, employment, growth engines and commercial zones. It was extended and adjusted during 2020 to reflect COVID-19’s impact. Following meticulous analysis and design, it has been embedded as part of the five-year Government Resolution 550 plan, which allocated […]