Lotus Project for Orthodox Druze Women

Based in Daliat El Carmel, Portland supports Lotus, an NGO run by Druze women. The programme is enabling the first generation of orthodox Druze women to break the glass ceiling and achieve employment in hi-tech firms, within a context that enables their traditions to be maintained through working in a women-only “safe space” inside the village. Portland continues to facilitate and mentor Lotus’s activity, developing each cohort and matchmaking for roles in the Israeli hi-tech sector. Lotus operates a hub for dozens of women developers and data analysts, who command a high entry salary in leading software companies. The success of the hub impacts the families, the village (each position in hi-tech creates 2 peripheral positions), and the state, as off-shored positions are returning to Israel. A new branch is underway and on track to open in the Galilee within the next year.


“Thank you for your endless support of us! It is because of you we are here today.” Hoda Halabi Mansour.

“My name is Walaa Hamdan. Since the beginning of this project, and until today, Portland supported us and exceeded our expectations in every way. Not only was our experience personalised and friendly, but their ability to speak out and act upon our dreams and ideals in an imaginative and creative manner allowed us to open up and trust this process. I cannot imagine taking this journey without Portland’s relentless support. I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you.”

“Without your support, the will and ability to integrate into the hi-tech world would have remained just a dream”. Shiran Makladah.

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Druze women working as software developers in hi-tech firms from the Lotus Hub