Developing a Regional Economic Growth Strategy for the Arab sector in Israel – Sakhnin Valley

Portland Israel led on the creation of a health and medtech centre of excellence in the regional economic cluster of the Sakhnin Valley in the north, to address the gaps and imbalances between Arab and Jewish communities, and engender workforce integration. The plan has seen the launch of a ground-breaking tech hub for innovation and employment at the heart of the Sakhnin Valley, creating vast job opportunities and high-quality employment in the area. Called ‘NorthMed’, the centre is boosting the entrepreneurship landscape and developing the ecosystem in fields as diverse as medical devices, life sciences and software development. It will also host firms and start-ups looking to expand their operations in the area and recruit talent locally. The resulting ecosystem is expected to serve 135,000 local residents, with a further 500,000 standing to benefit. In a testament to Portland’s vision, the project was included in the five-year national plan for developing Arab communities, Government Resolution 550 (GR-550).

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Pillars in establishing an economic growth engine in the Sakhnin Valley