Tora v’Daat

This project sees the placement of orthodox Jewish men into hi-tech. The “Haredi” community suffers exclusion from the workforce, due mainly to differences in culture, leading to educational gaps. This situation drives a growing chasm to their integration into Israeli Society. As a result, the community is ranked in the lower economic echelons in Israel. It also results in losses to state income in taxes. This is a new model to integrate young Haredi men into the hi-tech industry, enabling participants to study and graduate with a full BSc degree in Computer Science at the Hebrew University and which guarantees their employment in leading jobs (i.e. core R&D positions), with a very high entry level salary after graduation. Students receive living expenses scholarships (1st year) and loans based on an Income Sharing Agreement model (from year 2), as well as a unique envelope with extra social and academic support, in a programme that spans 3 semesters a year. 


“A year into the programme, I am continuing in my academic pursuit. Along the way I experienced different challenges but the support and constant assistance I received in the programme became an anchor that kept me all the time from giving up. I can definitely declare that without the programme I would have quit.” Nahman Abergil.

“I am in my third year, invited by The Portland Trust, together with other Haredi students, to join an intensive summer course that gave me a lot of knowledge and skills that you don’t get in the academic course. This training gifted me a unique toolbox, a CV writing workshop, and simulations for work interviews. The programme’s staff helped with job interviews and placement.” Aviel Stern.

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Haredi students in the programme, including 1st & 2nd year students & mentors from advanced years