Fursa provides a scalable solution of quality employment for talented Computer Science graduates from Arab Society. While Arab youngsters represent 12.8% of the total students for hi-tech related first degrees, only 2.3% of the employees in the Hi-tech sector are Arabs. This programme empowers and strengthens this underrepresented population by integrating them into the Israeli hi-tech industry, contributing at the same time to the Israeli economy. Participants are young Arab engineers, graduates of Israeli universities, who are trained and placed in selected hi-tech companies as juniors, at the same time bringing back previously off-shored positions to Israel. Each course syllabus is prepared with input from employers, and includes soft skills training. The success rate in placing to date is 90%. Graduates can expect to achieve an increase in salary within the first 6 months of employment. The programme has 100% repeat employers. Fursa’s model is designed to reach sustainability within 2 years.


“A great experience. I learned a lot of new and interesting things. Today I work in hi-tech and this was my dream. With Fursa I fulfilled my dream” – Yousef Khatib, DevOps Engineer at Kaltura

“Fursa is more than just another programme, it’s a family. It is not just a course to help you prepare for work in a High-Tech company, but a family that looks after you at all times, always ready with good advice, and a welcoming heart” – Ibraheem Sarsour, Software Developer at Dataloop AI

“Fursa’s course is different from any other course.  I got plenty of support, encouragement, and have access to devops classes online. They empowered me to make a plan and set goals, helped me get back on my feet and find a career that was suitable for me and thrive !” – Aishy Awawdi, SRE at SeeTree

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Software developers (men and women) hired by hi-tech companies in Fursa's 1st year