Masterplan for Employment for Arab Society

The Masterplan for Quality Employment is a joint programme with the Israeli Democracy Institute. It focuses on education, welfare, employment, growth engines and commercial zones. It was extended and adjusted during 2020 to reflect COVID-19’s impact. Following meticulous analysis and design, it has been embedded as part of the five-year Government Resolution 550 plan, which allocated […]


Fursa aims to provide a scalable solution for quality employment of talented young Arab-Israelis, who have graduated…

Tora v’Daat

This project sees the placement of orthodox Jewish men into hi-tech. The “Haredi” community suffers exclusion from the workforce, due mainly to differences in culture, leading to educational gaps. This situation drives a growing chasm to their integration into Israeli Society. As a result, the community is ranked in the lower economic echelons in Israel. It […]