The Palestinian Economic Bulletin is published monthly by Portland.

This authoritative guide to the Palestinian economy, prepared by MAS, the leading economic research institute in the field, is used by business, academic, financial and economic development institutions around the world, provides a snapshot of GDP and economic activity, employment, public finances and aid, inflation, banking, trade, tech, tourism and other sectors and the performance of the Palestinian stock market and leading Palestinian companies.

May 2023

On 3 May, the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) met in Brussels to track progress made since September 2022 to support individuals, multilateral and international efforts to improve economic and institutional conditions in Palestine Deployment of the fibre optics network continued in 2022,

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Recent Issues

April 2023

On 28 March, the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) announced the launch of the

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March 2023

On 12 February, the Arab Bank and the Palestinian Telecommunications Group (PALTEL) jointly launched the

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January 2023

Palestine witnessed limited economic recovery in 2022, while facing record inflation of 3.8%, the highest

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December 2022

Almost three years after the pandemic temporarily closed down the Palestinian tourism sector, over 100,000

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November 2022

In October, thousands of Palestinian families tended to their olive groves during theolive picking season.

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August 2022

The agricultural sector has a strategic role in achieving food security and generating employment in

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July 2022

The last two months have witnessed significant donor re-engagement in assistance to Palestine, with the

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