May 2011


Main reports: Housing conditions have improved since 2006 with a 21% increase in the number of residential buildings across the Palestinian Territory. Only 10% of households now live in units with three or more people per room and 15% live in units with only 1-2 rooms. This is down from 19% and 24%, respectively, in 2006.

PADICO launched the first Palestinian corporate bond issue on 10 May. $70m of capital will be raised. The bonds will mature after five years with a fixed interest rate of 5% for the first 30 months and a variable rate (linked to US Libor) within a 5 – 6.5% range for the remainder of the term.

The 2010 Poverty Survey found that poverty in the Palestinian Territory fell to 18% in the West Bank (from 19% in 2009), and remained unchanged, at 38%, in the Gaza Strip.

The latest survey of Industrial Establishments found that the percentage of Palestinian businesses expecting improved performance in Q2 2011 was 40% higher than those expecting a decline. Conversely, in Q1 2011, 20% more businessmen felt the general performance of their enterprise was worse than those that noted an improvement.