August 2009


Main reports: The Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture are working together within a new national committee for consumer protection. The committee, announced by Minister Bassem Khoury, will regulate the local market and integrate regulatory and supervisory practices across all three departments.

Fresh produce from the Jordan Valley will be bought by four of the largest UK supermarkets through new start-up charity Moon Valley, which will partner with Fresca Group, a major UK supplier, to coordinate distribution. Sinokrot Global Group will be the primary supplier to Moon Valley. Sales in excess of £20m are expected by 2013.

Israel announced the Allenby Bridge/King Hussein border will open 24 hours a day for commercial shipments. This is forecast to enable transit of 3,000 vehicles a day. Opening hours for passenger traffic have already been extended for a two month trial period.

A repaired electricity generator in Gaza is projected to double internal capacity for power generation. This will provide noticeable improvements for households and the provision of services including water and sanitation, healthcare, medicine storage and waste disposal.